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« on: 04 Dec 2007 [20:51:42] »

Info + Download:

Como Monos POV: El mejor pack de drivers actualizado. Es posible integrarlo en un DVD e instalar Windows + Drivers cojonudamente.


I've started these DriverPacks because I wanted to achieve a Uniform UXPCD. Why in the world would you want support for all available hardware, I hear you thinking. Well, that's easy to explain: to be able to use these unattended Windows XP installation CD's on any  computer (of course one that's capable of running Windows XP).

After a while I decided to just try it, and I started the DriverPack Sound. It was a hell to get it fully working, but the positive feedback kept me continuing. Later DriverPack LAN was added and also DriverPack MassStorage (this last one was started by RyanVM). In January '05 I released DriverPack WLAN, which contains about 250 drivers (at that time)! This one has without a doubt the largest collection until now. In February, DriverPack Graphics has become available. This one has been split into three parts: A, B and C. DriverPack Graphics A supports the ATI Radeon series and the nVidia GeForce and GeForce Go series (current low-, mid- and high- end GPU's), while DP Graphics B supports the older and rather exotic graphics cards. DriverPack Graphics C contains the drivers for the professional GPU's: ATI's and nVidia's Quadro series. DriverPack Chipset has also been added to the list! DriverPack Sound has also been split into two parts (A and B) because of its size. DriverPack CPU, a tiny DriverPack, contains the AMD K8 CPU drivers. This (nearly) completes the circle: all important device drivers are now available in the form of DriverPacks!

Each of these DriverPacks support the widest variety of controllers in their category: even brands of whom you've never heard are included! At the moment there is support for hundreds of devices (Chipset, Graphics (A, B and C), LAN, MassStorage, Sound (A and B) and WLAN).